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My need was to buy and manage some domains for both professional and personal use, and after a significant amount of research I settled on Hostpoint. The deciding factors were that it must be based in...Leggi altro Switzerland, must have a good control panel (primarily for DNS), the control panel must have an English option (my German, French, and Italian are all pretty bad), must have private registrations, and should have reasonable prices.

Hostpoint hit all of those nicely. There are cheaper Swiss-based registrars, but Hostpoint was about average price-wise. Their control panel for managing domains is at worst decent, and in quite a few places good.

In very short order I was able to set up an account, purchase a handful of domains, and get them configured without any assistance from a human being at Hostpoint. The interface was perfectly clear and usable.

My experience with Hostpoint was very good, no problems at all, and overall positive.


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