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Jens Kirk
Jens Kirk da Danimarca,

2 months to investigate a simple issue

In ticket #EIMA-3700-FNXV is has so far taken support 2 months to investigate a simple issue with an error restoring from their Object Storage service using UpdraftPlus (the largest backup software for WordPress).

No progress s...Leggi altroo far. They are still looking into it.

Their Object Storage server also has an SSL mismatch reported by UpdraftPlus, but it is still uncorrected.
T Redon
T Redon da Albania,

Not worth it

I have been with Scaleway since more than 3 years , prices were great , started slowly getting more and more expensive without upgrading the quality , the customer support once was good and prompt , now it is just a bunch of newbi...Leggi altroes which delay the responses and when they respond , they dont fix anything. It was once a good company , but for new customers i would advise to go elsewhere , it is no longer worth it , i paid them thousands over years , it s just not worth the headache anymore . And the billing system sucksMeno
thoven aja
thoven aja

a thieft and a very bad support

i have 1 year abstance using their service, but my account remain intact with them,
after earlier month i shock i got bill from them
after i tried login they're 4 baremetal in my account that i never used and i never create.
...Leggi altroi thought i got hacked

and now i tried to delete my account, but they'rs support say's i have running instance, and itry to delete then instance
they're error need permision
and i ask support to delete them for me
and its already 3 day without any action
they do it on purpose
they definitely scammer.
beware..don't touch with them
Satish c
Satish c da India,

Worst hosting company ever!!!

I purchased web hosting from them and that is one of the biggest mistakes i have ever done in my blogging career.

Servers are always down. Always. On an average it's down for atleaset 8-16hours per week.
When you contact their...Leggi altro team ofcourse where you have to pay huge amount to get premium suppor, They keep saying one thing. "Our team is working on fixing the issue. please bear with us."

I choose to go with wordpress. Their admin panel is pure shit. No php selection option. No file manager. Nothing. You have to do everything from your FTP account.

My worst experience was customer service. They take atleast 3- 4 hours to respond.
Now here comes the intersting part. You ask them any question. Their reply

Me: I have trouble accessing FTP account.
Their team: Its working fine for us. figure out yourself.

Me: I have issue with files not getting uploading.
Them: We are not webmasters. So contact freelancers.

Me: I have problem installing wordpress!
Them: We are not webmaster.

Me: Your php version is way too old. please upgrade to latest.
Them: That is you get for what you paid.

Me: your auto ssl is breaking most of them and i am using cloudflare's free ssl
Them: That's not our problem.

All these conversations have happened at different occasions.
I left them in 2 months.

Due to more down time. My traffic has fallen from 2,50000 to 75,000.

Please stay away from them.
Max Koopman
Max Koopman da Paesi Bassi,

Was a good hoster, not anymore

Was a client for 5 years with this company and never had issues. After 5 years they claimed that my creditcard was not working. Contacted my bank and they told me that the issue was at their payment provider. Sent a total of 6 ema...Leggi altroils to the support desk to get this issue fixed. No response whatsoever, even though I replied to their email with the payment error.
After this they blocked my account and took my servers offline.
After this they claimed that they cannot access the mailbox support@scaleway.net. After this they called me a liar saying that they do not use this emailaddress. It's just terrible. I know they are a cheap hoster but it's better to find one that has good support and where you can actually fix these issues before they become a problem.
sam gab
sam gab da Svizzera,

Arrogant ignorant Horrible customer support

Arrogant ignorant Horrible customer support, i have had two accounts with them, and i closed all instances in both, but i was mistaken, one had one IP address active i believe, and i used to get bill every month, i contacted their...Leggi altro support and provided my other account to check, they said it could be error, so ignore, after a year, i had to pay the bill for whole year. Their support people was so pathetic that they could not find my second account.
I requested to refund money as it was not my fault, but i was surprised to see there bunch of arrogant people who started making fun and "go to hell" attitude.
I would never ever use them again, worst experience.
Javier s
Javier s da Spagna,

Is it worthy to purchase a dedicated server with online.net scaleway dedibox?

I'm a client of online.net scaleway dedibox since years ago.
I was happy to find a relatively cheap dedicated server.
In these years I encountered with several hardware or network problems.
They never provided a solution.
They...Leggi altro always tell you:
We can't replace your server by an identical one, since we are out of stock. We can only offer an upgrade, the price changing the next month, or a retract and refund.
I need a server and I don’t want to spend more money and upgrade, because it won't be cheap.
They are breaking their own clausules in the agreement
Specific Sales Terms for “Dedicated Servers”
ONLINE SAS - 22/10/2012
online.net scaleway dedibox

They must provide another server that works properly with the same price, but they want me to upgrade and pay more money.

I'm not even able to login in rescue mode, I cant do a backup. I will lose some important information.
And because of the hardware problem I will have to migrate to another server, and this is a lose of time/money.
I bet you now know that is not worthy. Is up to you but if you want to avoid problems and lose time/money. Avoid online.net scaleway dedibox
Is a dedicated server dedibox, not a cloud server
Alex Mauzon
Alex Mauzon da Regno Unito,

Terrible customer support & Bad service. Execs don't give a damn. No one cares. Never again!

Terrible customer support. Rude, with lack of understanding plain English, not able to solve a simple problem.
They removed my account with no questions asked, didn’t provide any communication confirmation with the bank, and accu...Leggi altrosed me of the chargeback I didn't do.

Tickets questions are being ignored

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