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Andy Max

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Andy Max,
I really don't understand the bad reviews here, between myself and my company we have over 20 instances on Scaleway and are very happy with the service!
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Javier s
Javier s da Spagna,

Is it worthy to purchase a dedicated server with online.net scaleway dedibox?

I'm a client of online.net scaleway dedibox since years ago.
I was happy to find a relatively cheap dedicated server.
In these years I encountered with several hardware or network problems.
They never provided a solution.
They...Leggi altro always tell you:
We can't replace your server by an identical one, since we are out of stock. We can only offer an upgrade, the price changing the next month, or a retract and refund.
I need a server and I don’t want to spend more money and upgrade, because it won't be cheap.
They are breaking their own clausules in the agreement
Specific Sales Terms for “Dedicated Servers”
ONLINE SAS - 22/10/2012
online.net scaleway dedibox

They must provide another server that works properly with the same price, but they want me to upgrade and pay more money.

I'm not even able to login in rescue mode, I cant do a backup. I will lose some important information.
And because of the hardware problem I will have to migrate to another server, and this is a lose of time/money.
I bet you now know that is not worthy. Is up to you but if you want to avoid problems and lose time/money. Avoid online.net scaleway dedibox
Is a dedicated server dedibox, not a cloud server
Alex Mauzon
Alex Mauzon da Regno Unito,

Terrible customer support & Bad service. Execs don't give a damn. No one cares. Never again!

Terrible customer support. Rude, with lack of understanding plain English, not able to solve a simple problem.
They removed my account with no questions asked, didn’t provide any communication confirmation with the bank, and accu...Leggi altrosed me of the chargeback I didn't do.

Tickets questions are being ignored
P. D. Bennett
P. D. Bennett da Regno Unito,

Not for Mission Critical Stuff, but Getting Better

I've been using Scaleway right from the start, and for super-cheap ARM based dev boxes they were great, but often unreliable (e.g. other reviewers have mentioned restart loops) with slow responses from support.

These days they'...Leggi altrore moving everything over to slightly more expensive Intel boxes, which will hopefully cause fewer problems for people.

For cheap dev servers I'd highly recommend Scaleway, but you should maybe host your business critical resources elsewhere.
Mitchell B
Mitchell B da Malesia,

Outright thievery

Signed up for a free trial, within days my account was suspended, barely even used it, they required all sorts of documents, gave them the documents, they reinstated my account. Didn't like it and shut down the server. They kept c...Leggi altroharging me month after month, customer service basically didn't listen.

There's not a single resource being used on any of the console pages, all month my dashboard said current usage was at $0 and then at the end of the month I get charged, complain about it, ask for refund, they handwave it away. There's literally nothing I can shutdown to stop the charges and if I deactivate my account I can't get a refund.

These people are liars and thieves, as crooked as they come, stay away, way better hosts out there
V. Eudeline
V. Eudeline da Francia,

Worst Service

I've been running their servers for i think one year now and i already got a handful of troubles.

Defective devices that would not reboot. I then got told that because i dont reboot very often they wont fix the problem

Shutd...Leggi altroown without prior notice of some instances (this happened like 2 times the past 6 month)

And today somehow my hard drive got disconnected while the server was running causing my database to get corrupted and made dull...

Id recommend using scaleway only for temporary little servers that would be up for a 2h workshop for exemple. No production or permanent service should be hosted there
Drew L
Drew L da Sudafrica,

Simply terrible

Their customer support is SO BAD. My trial got suspended, and after providing the documents they requested, I never got a response back. So I decided to move on and I never logged in again. Now 3 months later I received a $10 char...Leggi altroge from Scaleway for I DON'T KNOW WHAT (why 3 months?). I had no active services with them. I communicate with them and their support had a bad attitude and failed to even acknowledge the unauthorized bill. They are a disgrace.

They ask for documents to verify you as well, such as ID scans, etc. And store your card details to charge you. Then they act like you are under manual review for "fraud prevention" or whatever. I would not be surprised if they are storing customer information for shady purposes.

Scaleway Prezzi, Tariffe & Funzioni - 2022

Tariffe Hosting Cloud

Nome Tariffa Spazio CPU RAM Banda Prezzo Punteggio
C1 50 GB 4 cuori 2 GB Illimitato € 3,14 2.7 Dettagli
C2S 50 GB 4 cuori 8 GB Illimitato € 12,61 2.6 Dettagli
C2M 50 GB 8 cuori 16 GB Illimitato € 18,92 2.2 Dettagli
C2L 300 GB 6 cuori 32 GB Illimitato € 25,23 1.2 Dettagli
X64-2GB 50 GB 2 cuori 2 GB Illimitato € 3,14 2.2 Dettagli
X64-4GB 100 GB 4 cuori 4 GB Illimitato € 6,30 1.6 Dettagli
X64-8GB 200 GB 6 cuori 8 GB Illimitato € 10,51 1.3 Dettagli
X64-15GB 200 GB 6 cuori 14.6 GB Illimitato € 26,63 2.2 Dettagli
X64-30GB 400 GB 8 cuori 29.3 GB Illimitato € 53,28 1.3 Dettagli
X64-60GB 700 GB 10 cuori 58.6 GB Illimitato € 95,82 2.2 Dettagli
X64-120GB 1000 GB 12 cuori 117.19 GB Illimitato € 191,83 2.2 Dettagli

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