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AJ Saveriano
AJ Saveriano da Stati Uniti,
Moved from IX Web Hosting

Site5 is a sad, poorly operated company indeed

Forced to transfer to Sit5 from IX Web Hosting. Was NEVER notified. Had to discover what the heck was going on by myself. Migration was a nightmare. MANY websites were broken and FormMail didn't work at all. Seems that for FormMai...Leggi altrol to fucntion on their servers changes needed to be made in the configuration. Fine. However, don't you think THEY ought to make those changes or at the very least notify me that changes are needed? Many of my HTML pages call up PHP code. This has always word flawlessly for years on IX Web Hosting, and other Web Hosting companies. But not on Site5. But the real kicker is that Site5 Tech couldn't figure out why if wouldn't work and they NEVER DID!
I had to RE-CODE all my dozens of pages to eliminate the original code and replace it with standard HTML, which was not the original code's intention.
Sit5 Live Chat was pretty straight forward when I was first migrated to their operation (about May of 2018). Now when I try to start an online chat I am asked for my billing password (never had one from Site5 since I was a migration). And I can see further down on the online form that it wants to ask me what Hosting package I want to buy? What the hell? I just want to talk to someone. Now I am hearing that all phone support is being eliminated in the near future and only online Chat will be available. Well, they better get their act together quickly sine this new online chat doesn't seem to be a nice, simple straight froward option.
Trying to submit a Trouble Ticket just dumps me back to the "chat" feature, again asking for all kinds of stuff unrelated to the topic I need help with.
So I called phone support and was told that in the near future phone support will be the only method to reach Site5, confirming what I already knew.I was then told that all agents were helping other clients and that they would be with me shortly. Well, after a one (1) hour wait, I decided to play a game. I put my on speaker
and waited, while go about running my business. I wanted to see how long it would actually take before an agent came online. In the meantime I was "entertained" by endless and excessively loud "music". The results of test? After 3 hours and 45 minutes I gave up and hung up my phone.
3 hours and 45 minutes and no one came on the line. Only an occssional "..we'll be with you shortly". . AMAZING!!
Is this company trying to go out of business? Are these people serious?
I also think their Hosting price are too high, their Domain registration costs are too high and their service level is essentially zero. I am seriously think of switching to another Hosting service but I am frighted by the work I'll likely have to do. I seem to pay Site5 all the money but I am doing all the work .A Disaster company indeed.
Stay away.
I am having the same problems as you
Alejandro Luciano
Alejandro Luciano,
My experience is worse, yesterday they took down IXwebhosting servers and with them went my DNS and as result my email is down, tech support takes forever to answer and you have to fill the stupid billing account information page...Leggi altro to reach a chat with someone who has no idea what is happening, After reaching them about 7pm yesterday and their indication that they solved the problem around midnight it is 11 hours later and still no DNS. Since the migration from IXWebhosting to SIte5 in May we have been down do to DNS problems three times, the last one yesterday. As of 10:45am today August 29 we have been down for 24 hours. Their only answer is the 'We are Sorry you are having problems" and "We are giving priority to your situation" but 11 hours what they call priority moves at the speed of molasses on a winter day.Meno
really bad! Our site is down today. They don't have a support phone line always chat only and it is not even working. I have moved my account to another company planning to do the same for this site also.
Steve Bray
Steve Bray da Stati Uniti,

Integration with IX Web Hosting is a disaster

I have been a customer of IX Web Hosting for about 10 years. I stuck with them through a couple mergers despite the occasional problems. The pain of moving my site was always greater than the pain of working through the issues.

...Leggi altro
No longer. Site 5 recently purchased IX, and based on my conversations with support, they currently are working to integrate their platforms. In doing so, they are breaking many aspects of my Web site. (My site is quite dynamic and uses Perl and php for a lot of user interaction.) That would be less of a BIG DEAL if they actually would do something when alerted that they have broken my site. Instead, I get silence.

They started making changes this week. The first big problem shows up on Tues. I dutifully reported it through their chat support and through a ticket. The support person on chat was clueless and couldn't help me beyond telling me to submit a ticket. I did, and I haven't received any response for 4 days. My business has been effectively blind for 4 days now.

I tried to escalate the problem yesterday and got nowhere. "We're very busy right now." Yes, I bet you are. I bet everyone else is griping, too.

I STRONGLY discourage you from using this company. Any company that will make wholesale changes to their server configurations with absolutely NO regard for the effects - and then ignore the customers when they say, "WAIT!" - does NOT deserve your business.
If you find a company like IX please let me know! I am going nuts right now!
Steven Bray
Steven Bray,
I switched to virtual private server at a different hosting company. It's more expensive (like $40 to $50/month as opposed to $15 to $20/m), but I decided I wanted the greater control over the server configuration.
Agustin P
Agustin P da Brasile,

I loved Site5, now I hate site5

I have been a customer of site5 since 2013

It was the best one out there, no doubts about that, last year it became a disaster.

I run into uptime issues, DNS issues, and more. I keep them until last week.

Last month my si...Leggi altrotes were down for almost 10 days, and they escalated the issue to the senior of the senior of the senior, and nobody was able to fix it.

I had the shared hosting plan, so all my sites were down, and it was their fault, and then they blame one of my plugins, and they could't even respond which one it was.

I used a service that tracked uptime for one of my websites also a couple of months ago, and it was horrible, I would get emails all the time with "your site is down", wtf? 99.9% uptome right?

And the front line support, man, they used to respond VERY fast, and they used to be good techincal people, now they take forever to respond, they don't seem to know what a domain is, they couldn't fix a DNS record if they life depended on it.

So basically, I hired a2hosting, it's too soon to tell, but they already have me free SSL for all my websites, which is amazing, and they have a more updated PHP version than site5, so I'm not running into problems with woocommerce and other scripts as I used to.

Bottom line: Don't hire Site5
Stavros Zacharias
Stavros Zacharias,
Similar story here.

In June 2015 the company was sold to EIG and that worried me. My fears materialized in Aug 2016 when all the Site5 support staff was fired. With the first glitch in Sep 2016, I moved all my sites to a2hostin...Leggi altrog (my second hoster). I've been using it for over a year (Reseller, VPS, and shared windows) and so far I am very satisfied. Customer support is very much what Site5 customer support used to be.

My advices to anyone:
1) Always register and manage yourself your domains at a reliable Domain Registrar. Do not register domains through your hoster.
2) If you can afford, or if your are a reseller, maintain accounts at two different and independent hosters. If one of them goes sour you may immediately move everything to your other hoster.
3) Keep being informed of developments at your hoster(s).
4) Always keep backups of your websites independently of your hoster.
5) Avoid all EIG hosting companies (there are lists at wikipedia,, and
6) Be wary of reviews which place EIG companies in their top ten list or grade them highly. They may either be ignorant or be funded by EIG.

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