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1&1 vs Hostking

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34 piani di hosting 7 piani di hosting
Prezzo iniziale € 0,00 / mese € 1,03 / mese
Domino gratuito No
Coupon No No
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Affidabilità 1.5
Prezzo 1.8
Intuitività 1.5
Supporto 1.4
Funzioni 1.5
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Giacomo Bajamonte,
Sono cliente circa dal 2012, ho creato un sito per la mia attività professionale in maniera semplicissima ed esteticamente bella. Il servizio cilenti è da 30 e lode, sempre disponibilissimi e velocissimi. Tutte le stelle piene meritatissime.
Helpful Team
Shaheer Jacobs,
I've been through many south african web hosts, but find that Hostking is awesome. I had one major hiccup with my website where I broke it by installing a caching plugin into my wordpress and they were willing to help. I like... Più that they are 24/7 as I can also count on someone to be around when needed using their live chat. I also have no issues with the speed of my website. It runs nice and fast. Keep up the good work guys Meno
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Fabio Me,
Servizio scadente, e attenzione alla scadenza dei servizi, perché se non vuoi rinnovare o dimentichi ti mandano un agenzia di recupero crediti. E per assurdo, non è possibile disdire o annullare il rinnovo in autonomia dal pa... Più nnello di controllo e non hanno una mail per i clienti, bisogna telefonare e sperare... Meno
Service down there with Axxess
De Wet,
Firstly, when I signed up, I had trouble with the domain - flag number one - and I had to get one of your support agents to help me. She helped me, but she signed me up for the wrong package - which I let go, cause I just nee... Più ded hosting asap to move all my sites and leave the problematic host behind. Then, after migrating 2 of my bigger sites late that evening, I went to bed happy that I got those two sites moved and I could now rest - only to wake up with all 4 sites I uploaded broken. I'm talking files missing broken. While asking support for support, I also jumped in trying to fix my sites, and I managed to get the most important one fixed. The answers I got from support was "support" I guess, but still, no one answered the question WHY this happened. I got a follow-up email, and luckily there was still one site broken, and I replied with the broken site details, and just got a response that it seems like the theme might be broken - which I knew, but I needed to know WHY this happened - If I download all my files from one server, upload it to a new server, TEST IT AND IT WORKS, and the next morning it's broken, surely something had to happen? Moving on - all things considered, I didn't have the time to fight over things I got fixed myself. Today I got working again, and whap - in the middle of my work, the site stopped working. Started chatting with support, and after sending me screenshots of the site "working his side", I raised Dean's screenshot game with about 6 screenshots of sites not responding "on my end". He sent me a message I didn't understand, and then he disappeared. I was still asking about a customer care department and WHY this happened and HOW I can prevent this from happening again, but Dean felt he did his part. The following day - today - I saw my tickets were closed - without it being resolved, or even an answer on any of my questions. Still no word from any form of customer relations/support. I tried live chat again but was left hanging. I called in and asked if they could call me back - which never happened. I called in again and was informed that management was in a meeting. About 10mins later, I got a call and was informed that I exceeded my file limit, and this was the reason my sites were broken - if you are not keeping track, this was now the THIRD reason. I asked to speak to management, again and was told he went on lunch. I emailed the management email address I was given, and that bounced. I'm busy deleting 3 of my sites, cause, to access anything, I need more space on the server. Still no word from anyone at HostKing.
UPDATE: I emailed, phoned, live chatted, and tried contacting them on Facebook - still waiting a response
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€ 0,99 / Mese
  • Spazio: 100 GB
  • Larghezza di banda: Illimitato
  • Pannello: other
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€ 18,00 / Mese
  • Spazio: 1 GB
  • Larghezza di banda: Illimitato
  • Pannello: custom
  • Numero di siti: 1
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€ 4,99 / Mese
  • Spazio: Illimitato
  • Larghezza di banda: Illimitato
  • Pannello: other

cPanwl Personal

€ 61,00 / Mese
  • Spazio: 8 GB
  • Larghezza di banda: Illimitato
  • Pannello: custom
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€ 8,99 / Mese
  • Spazio: Illimitato
  • Larghezza di banda: Illimitato
  • Pannello: other
5 piani da € 4,26 a € 25,59 4 piani da € 13,78 a € 65,38
Sotto i 4 dollari No No
Sotto gli 8 dollari

Virtual Server S

€ 4,99 / Mese
  • Spazio: 30 GB
  • Larghezza di banda: Illimitato
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Virtual Server L

€ 9,99 / Mese
  • Spazio: 80 GB
  • Larghezza di banda: Illimitato
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€ 241,00 / Mese
  • Spazio: 25 GB
  • Larghezza di banda: Illimitato
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Server Dedicato
12 piani da € 0,00 a € 255,96
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€ 0,00 / Mese
  • Spazio: 1.95 TB
  • Larghezza di banda: Illimitato
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Sotto gli 8 dollari No No
Più di 10 dollari


€ 39,99 / Mese
  • Spazio: 1.95 TB
  • Larghezza di banda: Illimitato
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Hosting Cloud
14 piani da € 8,52 a € 302,89
Sotto i 4 dollari No No
Sotto gli 8 dollari No No
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Cloud Server M

€ 9,99 / Mese
  • Spazio: 50 GB
  • Larghezza di banda: Illimitato
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