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Nice Hosting
Muzaffer Bhat,
I host a blog site with GoDaddy and found it satisfactory. I recommend this host to all on merit basis and overall experience I had with the service provider.
ScalaCube provides a good service with some nice features
Daniel Belis,
At the price of 10€ for the first month for our 3GB plan, the hosting and user experience provided by ScalaCube has been quite good. The control panel works and looks well enough, even if a Dark Mode would be apprtiated. The ... Più fact that some pages (such as Monitoring, for example) are hidden behind a submenu can be quite confusing, and at least some sort of arrow which could be expanded into a hierarchy tree would be much appritiated in giving the menu a bit of clarity.
As a relative newbie to hosting, FTP Users seems to be a bit redundant without any extra permission options or anything, so I'm not so sure why this is there in the first place.
The Scheduled tasks tab is a really great thing technologically speaking, even if the UX is a bit confusing. The fact, that you have to add a date is really confusing, and the time seems to be a bit janky, as when I added a scheduled task to happen from some date at 4:00AM every day, it seemed to happen at 3:00AM every day instead. If this was because of timezones, it would've made sense to include which timezone the server is in somewhere on this page. The addition of being able to execute server commands is quite nice.
Monitoring is a really nice tool for troubleshooting. It would be nice if there was a way to monitor the server over larger pariods of time than 24h.
The restart option being there is nice.
The information panel does what it's supposed to do, but there are rwo small gripes I have with it: the "wipe game map" and "delete server" options being prominantly displayed on what is practically the front page of the game server is a bit anxiety inducing, as I was often worried that I'd click it by accident; the other problem is a bit more technical: in order to access to FTP server, the IP has to be whitelisted in the firewall, this is all well and good, however, this page does not allow for sharing the access with other people as you can only add your OWN ip to the whitelist, and there are no notes on how to add somebody else's. I just discovered that you can manually add IPs to the firewall while writing this review. A bit more clarity would be nice.
Te console is a needed panel. It's good enough, but some QOL features would be great. The default green on black background would work alrighit, but it clashes with the non-changable whites of everything else so much that I'd really appritiate an option to change the color scheme to something a bit more mild. A problem which also exists with everything that should be updates is the Refresh button - while it does the job it's supposed to, I've seen on other websites how certain features can be implemented as being semi-realtime, and having a RT console or loading bars would be very nice for moderation purposes, even if I understand that the framework that ScalaCube is based upon may not allow for that sort of thing. I appritiate the fact that the console stores old logs right in the panel. Shared access is a nice feature, however, having access to the console is really not enough in most sitations, as it's practically the same thing as giving someone unrestricted OP (minecraft speaking).
Become Admin seems a bit redundant as the console is right above it, however, I do understand that accessibility is very important to hosting sites such as this.
Settings is a nice one-stop-shop for quickly editing things. I do like that the main two files you'd be editing are right there (perhaps adding a feature where you could pin files to this menu would be nice when working with plugins?) The other settings are also nice, alhough I do think that it'd be nice if the "Server icon" option automatically changed the name to "icon.png" and the resolution to 64x64, as it seems a bit unintuitive that you have to do these things yourself.
File manager is fine, and it has some advantages to using FTP, such as being able to easily edit files without having to download them, otherwise nothing much to say - it works.
As for the video tutorials, they're okay enough. Having some sort of knowledgebase is a good thing, even if they are often quite basic, they can be helpful when you just don't see an option/file.
Regarding the installation of plugins and otherwise doing server administration, the service is great for the more basic tasks, such as scheduling daily restarts, and changing basic options, however for more complicated things such as manipulating player data, or adding and troubleshooting plugins, I've found that simply using the provided FTP client has been more helpful and easier to work with in most situations.
Ultima recensione negativa
Sito pessimo e assistenza inesistente
Chia Zazza,
GoDaddy ha delle prestazioni veramente pessime: è lento da morire, le pagine non si caricano oppure mi indirizzano nel mio account, mentre in realtà cerco altri tipi di impostazioni. Sono SETTIMANE, ripeto SETTIMANE, che prov... Più o a contattarli per un errore che mi si è presentato fin dal primo giorno di acquisto di un dominio (errore causato dai loro server), ma telefonicamente non risponde nessuno, anche in questo caso ci tengo a precisare che: nel momento in cui avvio la telefonata, dall'altra parte il nulla più totale, il centralino non parte e dopo un pò una voce registrata mi dice "numero inesistente". Ho provato a contattarli tramite i loro social e non ho ricevuto risposta nemmeno lì: di conseguenza i lavori che hanno una scadenza, non vengono portati a termine e come spieghi ai clienti che è l'assistenza di GoDaddy a non considerarti? Inoltre l'intuitività non fa per loro. È imbarazzante non avere alla portata il centro di controllo o il cpanel, bisogna veramente diventare matti per trovarli e, una volta trovati, il sito crasha, ovviamente! Per cui niente, credo che una volta terminato il lavoro non acquisterò altri domini presso il loro sito. Meno
No integrity FB review go look
Michael nothere,
The company pays for all there high reviews there fake the company lies about there refund policy when in private vs public platforms Facebook reviews shows everything I had a failed server littered with issues 30$ less than ... Più ten days I requested refund and moved to shockbyte no issues there and told I can get a review in public and in DM no refunds on any products ! Meno
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€ 2,99 / Mese
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  • Pannello: cpanel
  • Numero di siti: 1
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€ 9,99 / Mese
  • Spazio: 50 GB
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  • Pannello: cpanel
  • Numero di siti: 10
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Minecraft 3G - FREE

€ 0,00 / Mese
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€ 4,99 / Mese
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Minecraft VPS 1.5G

€ 5,00 / Mese
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€ 19,99 / Mese
  • Spazio: 100 GB
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Minecraft PE VPS 3G

€ 10,00 / Mese
  • Spazio: 30 GB
  • Larghezza di banda: Illimitato
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Server Dedicato
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€ 129,99 / Mese
  • Spazio: 4 TB
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Sviluppo siti web
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€ 19,99 / Mese
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Protect one website

€ 69,99 / Mese
  • Spazio: Illimitato
  • Larghezza di banda: Illimitato
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