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  • Affidabilità
    8.5 / 10
  • Prezzo
    8.5 / 10
  • Intuitività
    8.5 / 10
  • Supporto
    8.5 / 10
  • Funzioni
    8.5 / 10
Valutata da Craig Timmins

Advanced Features and Well Priced Plans

A2 Hosting offers a total of six packages, which range from a shared web hosting option right through to a dedicated hosting plan. The company, initially known as Iniquinet, has been active in the web hosting market since 2001. It has data centers in three locations, with its main primary data center located in Michigan, USA. The other two servers are in Europe and Asia, or more specifically, the Netherlands and Singapore. They also offer regular coupon codes to help you save money on . With all of this said, the company has experience and some nice and unique features, but does it really have what you need? Let's check it out.

Uptime & Reliability


A Fully Reliable Service, Fully Secured

It’s difficult to find a provider that will offer you a 99.99% uptime for your website. It’s also almost impossible to get 100% uptime, but some providers get close enough. However, in terms of reliability, A2 Hosting will definitely meet your expectations. It’s a trustworthy web hosting company that showed promising results on the tests that were made. With some exceptions, on average, you can expect a 99.98% uptime. Occasionally, the percentage was the maximum number (100% uptime), but sometimes this was not the case, as the website was down for many hours. However, the mid-range is overall satisfying as most of the time it was above the industry standards. So, the company does live up to what it promises. When you sign-up with an A2 Hosting plan you benefit from a reliable server setup, which includes their own rollback tool that allows you to essentially restore your website to a previous date. The servers are all monitored and secured to the highest standards and are in a data center, which is based in Michigan. There you will find redundant power, diesel generators, air conditioning, and tight security before you can gain access to the premises.



Plenty of Features to Keep You Busy

A2 Hosting is worth the price, while offering a variety of features with each of its solutions and pricing plans. Depending on what you choose, the prices are different, but nonetheless, the features, tools and free extras that you get for it will compensate even for the highest prices. With A2 Hosting you can choose from many different solutions and, of course, the better the features, the higher the price. Furthermore, each hosting solution has more options. For example, if you choose Shared hosting, you get to decide whether you need the Lite, Swift or Turbo plan. Each has different features, but they are all backed by 12 core servers with SSD storage and 16 GB RAM. It’s the same with the other three. The most advanced is, of course, the Dedicated hosting solution. It has some of the best features that guarantee a pleasant experience. All plans have a free CloudFare DNS that contributes to the fast loading of the pages.



Qualified Support Staff

Starting with their knowledge base, A2 Hosting has a very detailed coverage of topics that might help you if you have some questions or are facing difficulties. They also have a helpful FAQ. However, the more relevant customer support they offer is based on a variety of solutions. You can reach them by phone, although the number is not completely free of charge. They also have a fax number, a Skype contact, and a ticketing system. Furthermore, if you are a new customer they also got you covered. The best thing is that their customer service is available 24/7, and the response rate is fairly quick. Also, their team is nice and helpful, with proper knowledge on every topic. They have a live chat as well, but even if they didn’t, the rest of the options have everything covered.



Not the Cheapest, But Fairly Competitive Pricing Structure

As was briefly mentioned before, A2 Hosting offers more solutions for your websites. Shared hosting, VPS hosting, Reseller hosting, Cloud Hosting and Dedicated hosting. With each solution, you get different pricing plans. With shared hosting, you can choose between Lite, Swift, and Turbo. Lite is the cheapest pricing plan that this company offers, and it’s recommended if you are starting a single website. All of the other options are much more advanced. The most expensive one is the Dedicated server hosting solution, which offers a Semi-dedicated server that costs 7.70 euros per month. The other three are the Unmanaged flex servers starting from 82.45 euros, Managed flex server from 116.81 and the Core Flex server starting at the same price.

User Friendly


A Pleasure to Use, A2 Hosting Understand Usability

The A2 Hosting website is so easy to use and navigate, you won’t have a hard time finding out what solution is right for you and where you can sign-up. Everything is clearly labelled and well presented on every page. Add to that the fact that they offer the latest version of CPanel with shared hosting, reseller accounts and VPS solutions. One unique usability point that we did find was the fact that A2 Hosting offer a unique rollback tool which you can access in CPanel, to essentially roll your website back to previous state.


A Reliable & Competitively Priced Hosting Comapany

There are not many bad points to mention about A2 Hosting, because they are generally a solid and reliable hosting provider that can help individuals, small, medium and even large companies with competitive hosting solutions and prices. The support, reliability and features offered are all above average, and the unique rollback tool in CPanel is definitely a massive plus point for those who have a keen interest in website backups and being able to easily and efficiently restore their website to a previous time. Pros:
  • Site roll-back tool
  • Unlimited options and tools
  • Trained support staff
  • Prices are good, but aren't the lowest

We had our Secret Shopper compare A2Hosting to 4 other leading hosting companies to check how easy it is to cancel an account. They have the easiest and best cancellation process. Watch this video to learn more.


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  • Affidabilità
    9.5 / 10
  • Prezzo
    9.2 / 10
  • Intuitività
    9.4 / 10
  • Supporto
    9.4 / 10
  • Funzioni
    9.4 / 10

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Servizio Oscillazione Prezzo
Shared Hosting € 3,45 - € 9,50 Vedi Tariffe
VPS € 4,41 - € 58,15 Vedi Tariffe
Dedicated Server € 87,75 - € 255,97 Vedi Tariffe
Cloud Hosting € 13,22 - € 22,03 Vedi Tariffe
I Servizi & i prezzi sono presi da www.a2hosting.com

A2 Hosting Prezzi, Tariffe & Funzioni - 2018

Tariffe Hosting Condiviso

Nome Tariffa Spazio Banda Numero di Siti Prezzo Score
Illimitato Illimitato Illimitato € 3,45 9.4
Illimitato Illimitato Illimitato € 4,32 9.6
Illimitato Illimitato Illimitato € 4,32 9.3
Illimitato Illimitato Illimitato € 5,18 9.1
Illimitato Illimitato Illimitato € 8,20 9.0
Illimitato Illimitato Illimitato € 9,50 9.4

Tariffe Hosting VPS

Nome Tariffa Spazio CPU RAM OS Prezzo Score
20 GB 1 cuore 512 MB € 4,41 9.8
30 GB 1 cuore 1 GB € 8,81 10
50 GB 4 cuori 1 GB € 13,22 9.9
75 GB 4 cuori 4 GB € 29,07 9.7
75 GB 4 cuori 4 GB € 29,07 9.8
100 GB 6 cuori 6 GB € 40,70 9.0
150 GB 8 cuori 8 GB € 58,15 10

Piani di servizio dedicati

Nome Tariffa Spazio CPU RAM OS Prezzo Score
1000 GB 2 x 3.10GHz 8 GB € 87,75 9.8
1000 GB 4 x 2.40GHz 8 GB € 146,26 9.4
1.95 TB 12 x 2.10GHz 16 GB € 219,40 2.8
1000 GB 2 x 3.10GHz 8 GB € 124,32 8.3
1000 GB 4 x 2.40GHz 8 GB € 182,83 9.6
1.95 TB 12 x 2.10GHz 16 GB € 255,97 9.4

Tariffe Hosting Cloud

Nome Tariffa Spazio CPU RAM Banda Prezzo Score
10 GB 2 x 0.60GHz 512 MB Illimitato € 13,22 9.4
10 GB 2 x 0.60GHz 1 GB Illimitato € 17,62 9.8
25 GB 2 x 0.60GHz 1 GB Illimitato € 22,03 9.4

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