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  • Affidabilità
    8 / 10
  • Prezzo
    10 / 10
  • Intuitività
    9 / 10
  • Supporto
    9 / 10
  • Funzioni
    9 / 10
Valutata da Michael Lavnduski

Lots of affordable options and even free hosting available

KVCHosting is a well-established company that is based out of Oklahoma.  They provide many different hosting packages to choose from ranging from shared to dedicated servers.  They also have VPS options and others that will be able to meet the needs of just about any type of site.  Whether you’re an individual looking for a simple blog or a business that needs something more robust, this company is able to handle it all. They are clearly attempting to compete based on price with most of their services.  They even have three shared hosting options that are free, after a one time setup charge.  While the resources and support are quite limited on these free packages, they may be enough for someone who is just starting out or looking to have their site up and running as cheaply as possible. As you move up to higher level hosting options the services will continue to improve. Their dedicated server options are quite extensive ranging from a fairly entry level server to some pretty high end choices.

Uptime & Reliability


Reliable hosting for higher end packages

The free hosting options only come with a 90% uptime guarantee, which is extremely low.  This is an obvious indication that they are overselling the servers used for this hosting.  90% uptime is really unacceptable for just about all sites.  Of course, that is the minimum you can expect so most customers will get significantly higher. As you move up to higher level hosting, you will get a 99.9% uptime guarantee, which is a very common threshold for hosting.  Their servers used redundant disks (RAID) and their data centers have a variety of backup features that help to minimize any downtime problems.



Many great features for all hosting needs

The first thing you’ll notice is that this company has a lot of different choices for your hosting.  Each type of hosting (shared, VPS, dedicated, ect) has numerous packages within it to choose from.  This can help ensure you are getting exactly what you need, but it can also be somewhat confusing. All their packages will include access to their free website builder, 24/7 technical support and quality servers.  They also provide support for PHP 5, Perl5, Curl and Ruby on Rails.  You’ll have both an FTP and an SSH connection option for transferring files doing other admin type tasks.  Finally, you’ll have a cPanel option, which many experienced webmasters will be familiar with. There are quite a few limitations on disk space, bandwidth and other things, especially on the lower level hosting packages (including the free options).  For most people, however, there will be a package that meets all their needs.



Good support available 24/7

This company provides 24/7 tech support via phone, live chat and email so you’ll always be able to get help with any issues you are having.  Surprisingly, this tech support is also available for the free hosting packages.  From what customers have said, their tech support is easy to work with and very responsive.



Very low pricing for entry level hosting – Average for mid/high end options

If you are looking for just the most basic of web hosting, you really can’t be this company’s free option.  You just pay a onetime setup fee based on the specs you require, and then it is hosted free of charge for as long as you’re with the company.  They do put a small text ad in your website’s footer, however, so that is something to be aware of.  In addition, there are a number of limitations to this free hosting. As you move up into higher level hosting packages the prices start to be more in line with industry averages.  You’ll still find some great deals, but you need to make sure you are getting the level of service that you need.


Affordable hosting with plenty of room to upgrade

KVCHosting seems to be looking to bring customers in with their free hosting options, and then get them to upgrade to higher levels when the service isn’t up to the standards they need.  Once you get into the paid hosting levels, however, the service is fairly good and affordable.  You also get lots of different features at all levels. Pros:
  • Many different hosting options
  • Free hosting (with setup costs)
  • Lots of nice features
  • 24/7 live tech support
  • Free packages only have 90% uptime guarantee
  • So many options it may be confusing

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  • Affidabilità
    9.8 / 10
  • Prezzo
    9.6 / 10
  • Intuitività
    9.7 / 10
  • Supporto
    9.9 / 10
  • Funzioni
    9.8 / 10

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Servizio Oscillazione Prezzo
Shared Hosting € 1,67 - € 3,08 Vedi Tariffe
VPS € 13,21 - € 440,57 Vedi Tariffe
Dedicated Server € 79,30 - € 793,03 Vedi Tariffe
I Servizi & i prezzi sono presi da www.kvchosting.net

KVCHosting Prezzi, Tariffe & Funzioni - 2018

Tariffe Hosting Condiviso

Nome Tariffa Spazio Banda Numero di Siti Prezzo Score
100 GB Illimitato Illimitato € 1,67 8.9
Illimitato 1 TB Illimitato € 2,63 9.8
Illimitato Illimitato Illimitato € 3,08 9.9

Tariffe Hosting VPS

Nome Tariffa Spazio CPU RAM OS Prezzo Score
75 GB 1 cuore 2 GB € 13,21 10
125 GB 2 cuori 4 GB € 35,24 9.8
50 GB 4 x 2.13GHz 4 GB € 44,05 10
175 GB 3 cuori 6 GB € 52,86 9.8
225 GB 3 cuori 8 GB € 61,67 9.8
90 GB 5 x 2.13GHz 8 GB € 70,48 10
275 GB 4 cuori 12 GB € 70,48 10
130 GB 6 x 2.13GHz 12 GB € 96,92 10
170 GB 7 x 2.13GHz 16 GB € 123,35 10
210 GB 8 x 2.13GHz 20 GB € 149,79 10
610 GB 18 x 2.13GHz 60 GB € 414,13 10
650 GB 20 x 2.13GHz 64 GB € 440,57 10

Piani di servizio dedicati

Nome Tariffa Spazio CPU RAM OS Prezzo Score
250 GB 2 x 3.00GHz 4 GB € 79,30 10
500 GB 8 x 2.00GHz 12 GB € 132,16 9.8
750 GB 8 x 2.33GHz 12 GB € 176,22 9.8
1 TB 8 x 3.33GHz 16 GB € 220,28 9.8
1 TB 8 x 2.33GHz 24 GB € 255,53 9.8
1 TB 16 x 2.26GHz 32 GB € 317,21 9.8
1 TB 24 x 2.16GHz 64 GB € 405,32 9.8
2 TB 24 x 2.66GHz 72 GB € 440,57 9.8
2 TB 24 x 1.66GHz 64 GB € 528,68 9.8
4 TB 32 x 1.80GHz 64 GB € 704,92 9.8
4 TB 24 x 2.66GHz 144 GB € 793,03 9.8
Un dominio gratuito è incluso al momento dell'acquisto di un qualsiasi servizio di hosting di KVCHosting

Posizioni Server

Oklahoma City

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