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Linode vs Cloudways

Opzioni a confronto Visita Linode Visita Cloudways
28 piani di hosting 24 piani di hosting
Prezzo iniziale € 4,31 / mese € 8,62 / mese
Domino gratuito No No
Coupon No 1 coupon
Voti Utente
Affidabilità 3.4
Prezzo 3.7
Intuitività 3.3
Supporto 3.3
Funzioni 3.4
Recensioni utente
29 recensioni 502 recensioni
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Does What It Says
Baruch Ben-David,
I was first attracted by the simple pricing scheme, and the fact that they let you pay per month. Setting up my account was simple. Starting my node was as easy as selecting a distribution to run. I also liked the fact tha... Più t if I didn't find the node adequate, I could cancel within seven days and get a refund. In fact, if memory serves, they didn't deduct the fee until the seven days had elapsed (don't quote me on that; I could be wrong).
I had a question early on, and requested information. They got back to me within a short time, a matter of a few hours or so. They were courteous and effective.
I am well pleased with, and would definitely recommend it to my friends, if they needed a VPS.
A few issues
Francoise Bencke,
The platform is great. However, there is an issue with my cdn and my website and after 48 hours it still has not been resolved. I am aware that I have a standard support package but this should be part of the package as it is... Più from their end. One other issue which I was not aware when I decided to go with them is that they are using a late version of PHP. Not great for speed. You have to be on the next suppôt level, to be upgraded at a cost of £100 support for at least 6 months. Not happy right now. Meno
Ultima recensione negativa
schifo assoluto
Benetton Rafael,
La creazione di superuser su ubuntu è finta, nel senso che l'utente root ti dice che dà i permessi, accedi con l'account appena creato e ti dice che non hai i permessi. Ftp non va neanche se gli dai il culo, server di merda i... Più nsomma, sarebbe anche un bell'hosting se funzionasse a dovere. Meno
Sideways !
Genny Woods,
I could not describe a more useless understanding that this company members have of Western customers and practises.
If you want our bucks give us the service we require.
Tired of this nomadic tax havean located and low cos... Più t labors greedy business model.
Technically they are just a reseller.
Server Dedicato
13 piani da € 17,24 a € 3.448,54
Sotto i 4 dollari No No
Sotto gli 8 dollari No No
Più di 10 dollari

Dedicated CPU 4GB

€ 20,00 / Mese
  • Spazio: 80 GB
  • Larghezza di banda: Illimitato
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Hosting Cloud
15 piani da € 4,31 a € 827,65 24 piani da € 8,62 a € 892,31
Sotto i 4 dollari No No
Sotto gli 8 dollari

Shared Linode 1GB

€ 5,00 / Mese
  • Spazio: 25 GB
  • Larghezza di banda: 1 TB
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Più di 10 dollari

Shared Linode 2GB

€ 10,00 / Mese
  • Spazio: 50 GB
  • Larghezza di banda: 2 TB
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Vultr Starter Plan

€ 11,00 / Mese
  • Spazio: 25 GB
  • Larghezza di banda: 1 TB
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Chat Live No
Supporto Telefonico No
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Hosting Linux
Supporto Forum No
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Supporto CSM
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