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Prezzo iniziale € 4,99 / mese € 4,50 / mese
Domino gratuito
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Voti Utente
Affidabilità 1.5
Prezzo 1.5
Intuitività 1.5
Supporto 1.5
Funzioni 1.5
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603 recensioni 28 recensioni
Ultima recensione positiva
Nice Hosting
Muzaffer Bhat,
I host a blog site with GoDaddy and found it satisfactory. I recommend this host to all on merit basis and overall experience I had with the service provider.
Best Customer Service
Sam K,
I switched from Wordpress to WiX when I discovered them in 2011 or thereabouts. I’ve seen WiX grow with their services, offerings, technology and more! Almost every one of my customers moved their websites to WiX! Yes, I desi... Più gned their websites. Support? In the beginning it wasn’t the best! Now, they’re by far the absolute best! Friendly, patient and very helpful. I’m glad I’m with WiX! Meno
Ultima recensione negativa
Sito pessimo e assistenza inesistente
Chia Zazza,
GoDaddy ha delle prestazioni veramente pessime: è lento da morire, le pagine non si caricano oppure mi indirizzano nel mio account, mentre in realtà cerco altri tipi di impostazioni. Sono SETTIMANE, ripeto SETTIMANE, che prov... Più o a contattarli per un errore che mi si è presentato fin dal primo giorno di acquisto di un dominio (errore causato dai loro server), ma telefonicamente non risponde nessuno, anche in questo caso ci tengo a precisare che: nel momento in cui avvio la telefonata, dall'altra parte il nulla più totale, il centralino non parte e dopo un pò una voce registrata mi dice "numero inesistente". Ho provato a contattarli tramite i loro social e non ho ricevuto risposta nemmeno lì: di conseguenza i lavori che hanno una scadenza, non vengono portati a termine e come spieghi ai clienti che è l'assistenza di GoDaddy a non considerarti? Inoltre l'intuitività non fa per loro. È imbarazzante non avere alla portata il centro di controllo o il cpanel, bisogna veramente diventare matti per trovarli e, una volta trovati, il sito crasha, ovviamente! Per cui niente, credo che una volta terminato il lavoro non acquisterò altri domini presso il loro sito. Meno
Awful awful customer service
Taylor Miner,
After months of designing this website - I went live in November 2021.
My account was fine. I never had any issues. People were quick to call me and offer me their services from wix - a social platform about selling and ... Più sponsoring ads etc. i was always told my website my beautiful and a job well done.
Fast forward. I had hundreds of orders in 3 days. I was hosting a fundraiser for a friend who has breast cancer at 31, who’s pregnant with their third child, so I was doing something Nice.
Unbeknownst and to my surprise - I got an email stating that my account was frozen due to unusual activity. That’s cool I guess. Safety first. But instead of calling me to verify these orders - they send me an email stating I won’t receive my payouts. MY CUSTOMERS PAYMENTS. oh, they will still accept payments on my site - but not give me the money.
So. In order for me to verify my account and get my money - that is actually proceeds to this family - I must do a bunch of things.
Privacy policy
Terms and conditions
Shipping and return policy’s
My physical address
Contact info
All names
Upload docs
Literally everything.
Which is fine!
But. Why wasn’t that all “mandatory” before I started selling online? Before any payments were to be made; that should have been a requirement. But now all of a sudden since I had high sales- my account won’t release funds to my bank.
Now here we are. My TAT is 10-15 biz days. Now what? This family needs their raised donations. My customers want their shirts that I can’t order because I don’t have the thousands of dollars just laying around to order them and now my name, my business, and my livelihood is on the line.
Days later the issue still isn’t resolved. Nor can I actually reach anyone! Nor is there a customer service phone number to even reach a human.
So. I do not recommend wix. Their customer service is not what it should be. This is appalling. It’s unethical. And I will be switching and letting folks know that wix is not a place to do their business with.
Hosting Condivisi
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€ 5,99 / Mese
  • Spazio: 25 GB
  • Larghezza di banda: Illimitato
  • Pannello: cpanel
  • Numero di siti: 1
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Più di 10 dollari


€ 12,99 / Mese
  • Spazio: 75 GB
  • Larghezza di banda: Illimitato
  • Pannello: cpanel
  • Numero di siti: 25
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4 piani da € 4,99 a € 399,99
Sotto i 4 dollari No No
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€ 4,99 / Mese
  • Spazio: 20 GB
  • Larghezza di banda: Illimitato
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Più di 10 dollari


€ 19,99 / Mese
  • Spazio: 100 GB
  • Larghezza di banda: Illimitato
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Server Dedicato
8 piani da € 4,99 a € 399,99
Sotto i 4 dollari No No
Sotto gli 8 dollari No No
Più di 10 dollari


€ 129,99 / Mese
  • Spazio: 4 TB
  • Larghezza di banda: Illimitato
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Sviluppo siti web
1 piano da € 4,99 a € 399,99 8 piani da € 4,50 a € 35,00
Sotto i 4 dollari No

Free Plan

€ 0,00 / Mese
  • Spazio: 524.29 MB
  • Larghezza di banda: 524.29 MB
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Sotto gli 8 dollari No

Connect Domain

€ 4,50 / Mese
  • Spazio: 500.02 MB
  • Larghezza di banda: 1.02 GB
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Più di 10 dollari


€ 19,99 / Mese
  • Spazio: 100 GB
  • Larghezza di banda: Illimitato
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€ 8,50 / Mese
  • Spazio: 3 GB
  • Larghezza di banda: 2.05 GB
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3 piani da € 4,99 a € 399,99
Sotto i 4 dollari No No
Sotto gli 8 dollari No No
Più di 10 dollari

Protect one website

€ 69,99 / Mese
  • Spazio: Illimitato
  • Larghezza di banda: Illimitato
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GoDaddy and Wix are each hosting providers that are primarily known for services other than hosting. GoDaddy is mostly a domain name registration company, and Wix offers easy to use website creation tools. When looking strictly at the hosting services, Wix has a more reliable environment, better pricing, more features, and superior customer support. Users of each company rank Wix better as well. When our hosting experts reviewed all the factors, we are confident in naming Wix as the winner in this comparison.